Who is Ahmed Bin Thani?

About Ahmed Bin Thani

He is the CEO of ABTgroup or Ahmadbinthanigroup, which englobes a group of companies working in several fields such as road contracting, infrastructure, general maintenance, electricity and water works, transportation, heavy service equipment, parties, tent construction, conferences, adaptation works, decoration works, gardens, basins and general trade.

Ahmed Bin Thani is the owner and founder of Salamlek Restaurants and Cafes Group in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

The group also includes the Arab Coast Group of companies operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the Gulf countries, which is managed by Mr. Pepin and Mr. Jacob

The group includes a German security company based in Stuttgart     with business in the Gulf countries     managed by Mr. Amin Abdullah from Germany

The group also includes the German company Liebherr, which works in the field of public service equipment such as crane towers, drilling equipment and other heavy equipment.
Liebherr Company is considered the first company in Europe and one of the three largest companies in the world. The company is managed from Dubai to cover Asia and the Middle East and is managed by Mr. Juergen from GermanyThe group also includes the German company Hesse, which works in the field of dyes
The company is considered the first in Europe and one of the three largest companies in the world and is managed in Dubai by Mr. Sebastian from Germany

Ahmed Bin Thani Group has offices in Moscow. Stuttgart, Hanover, Kazakhstan, India and Pakistan are working to bring the best international companies to Dubai, and it is managed by Mr. Rashid from Kazakhstan and managed from Dubai, and Mr. Richter cooperates with him, who covers all of Europe
Mr. Murad is from Alma and Mrs. Lina is from Moscow

The group also includes a photography company and studios in Studio City in Dubai, where Mr. Ahmed bin Thani cares for his love and passion in media and is managed by Mr. Cyril John from India

Ahmed Bin Thani is the sponsor of the Visitor Program
The exciting and educational program that aims to visit   places, regions and people that few have reached and is managed by Mr. Cyril George

Ahmed bin Thani is the owner of the successful weekly program     entitled Meeting or Episode     Thursday, which is concerned with social and family topics    , which achieved great success, and the number of his viewers on Facebook reached more than 500 thousand views, and on Instagram to more than 20 thousand viewers and followers from the Emirates and neighboring countries

Ahmed Bin Thani is an active man on social media and the owner of   is a well-liked and respected person by everyone

Ahmed bin Thani is interested in providing assistance to all those in need and is looking for them personally to reach them what they need

Ahmed bin Thani is also a former football player and athlete, a former member of the UAE club Al Nasr, a member of the German club Bayern Munich, and a member of the Italian club Maduna.

The family of Mr. Ahmed bin Thani invests in a diversified business     with always striving to bring the best to the UAE and Dubai

Mr. Ahmed bin Thani is a graduate of the Sudanese Military College and holder of the sword of honor

Mr. Ahmed bin Thani is armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Military and Administrative Sciences
Masters    in the media

  • Masters in Human Resources
  • Currently studying for a PhD in Human Resources
  • All mandatory military courses with distinction with honors

And the beautiful thing here is that I, Ahmed bin Thani, learned in two societies, namely the military society, as he is a graduate of a military college and worked in the military for a while before moving to the civil service to serve his country in one of the sovereign departments in the country. Mr. Ahmed bin Thani studied the inevitable military studies in full from the Military College with a degree Distinction with honors and holder of the golden sword of honor and first for the entire college and then completed the foundation course in Kuwait with distinction with honors and first place and the progressive course in Egypt with distinction with honors and first place and junior staff in Dubai with a degree of excellence with honors, first place and major staff     in Abu Dhabi with a degree Distinction with honors, with a master’s degree in military sciences, specializing in media
Ahmed bin Thani did not stop. On the other hand, he completed his civil studies by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, with distinction, with honors, Abu Dhabi University, and then a Master’s degree in Human Resources, with distinction, with honors, Abu Dhabi University.

Mr. Ahmed bin Thani likes to innovate successful work methods, as he is the owner of the idea of ​​working remotely, part-time work and benefiting from housewives in jobs that generate a monthly income, caring for talents and seeking to support them, which was the focus of his election campaign for the National Assembly 2019 and is still looking for new in the system of work or trade and benefit From digital transformation in favor of self-employment and government work


Ahmed descends from the Bin Thani family of Muhairi origin. His father, Sayyid Thani Bin Obaid, is a businessman and trader in the food trade, and his brothers are Matar, Obaid, Khaled and Mohammed, a journalist on Dubai TV.
He has two sisters, Alia, Aisha, Maryam and Nora
The Bin Thani family is considered one of the families that belong to the Al Bu Muhair tribe, who were part of the Bani Yas Pact, among the authentic tribes that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, may God have mercy on him, suited for, and since the tribes previously used to move from one region to another.
The Bin Thani family moved with part of the Al Bu Muhair tribe to Abu Dhabi, then Al Khan, then Al Ras in Deira, Al Shindagha, and currently in the Jumeirah, Zabeel and Nad Al Sheba area.

Mr. Ahmed’s mother is Amina Saif Muhammad Bu Hanad, may God have mercy on them all
Mr. Ahmed’s mother is of Muhairi descent from her father, and of Qamzi descent from her mother

The relatives of Mr. Ahmed bin Thani are the poet Hamid bin Theban, the poet Muhammad bin Theban, Dr. Khalifa Al-Suwaidi, the owner of the step program, the late Thani bin Rashid, one of the founders of Al-Nasr Club in the fifties, Ali bin Ghalita, a businessman, Mr. Saeed Al Kindi, a businessman, the late Muhammad Bu Hanad and Mr. Muhammad Rashid Dafous. Former President of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

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